• uPVC
    uPVC We offer the best uPVC Windows & Doors in South Africa.
  • uPVC Windows & Doors
    uPVC Windows & Doors High Security Windows & Doors with Exceptional Weather proofing (Wind & Rain) due to double EPDM double seals.
  • uPVC Profiles
    uPVC Profiles As long as the profiles used to fabricate a uPVC window are UV stabilized the original white color will not fade.
  • uPVC Range
    uPVC Range Wide Range of uPVC Windows & Doors. Single, Double Glaze & Safety Glass.
  • Benefits of uPVC
    Benefits of uPVC uPVC windows and doors were originally used for their no maintenance, security and whole-life costings.
  • Magnum Windows
    Magnum Windows Magnum Windows, specialists in the manufacturing and installation of standard, as well as custom made uPVC Windows and Doors.
  • Double Glazed Units
    Double Glazed Units Double Glazed units can accomodate up to 20mm double glazing
  • Widest Ranges
    Widest Ranges The widest range of doors, windows, hardware and related products such as folding doors, aluminium windows and doors, sliding windows, double glazing.
  • Aluminium Sliding Windows
    Aluminium Sliding Windows Aluminium sliding windows are designed for spaces that do not want windows projecting from the wall.
  • Reduced Air Infiltration
    Reduced Air Infiltration Reduced air infiltration and resists condensation maintainance free and easy clean functionality


The letters `PVC` stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a chemical compound of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen. The components of PVC originate from the naturally occurring raw materials of petroleum, or natural gas and common salt. The `u` stands for Un-plasticised, (sometimes called Unmodified), and it means that the material has not been softened by the addition of chemicals known as plasticizers.

Stabilizers are the added to the PVC to give the vital long-term stability when used outside. Lead, tin and zinc stabilizers are mostly harmless, they produce exceptional stabilization and are widely used or PVC windows. The stabilizer is insoluble in water and given that the products do not rot, the stabilizers remain permanently in the PVC.
The basic material properties of uPVC make it ideal for window and door application, including:

  • Does not rot or biologically decompose
  • Is resistant to weathering with low maintenance requirements.
  • Is tough on impact.
  • It retains its shape within normal climatic temperatures.
  • It can be reshaped at very high temperatures and can therefore be recycled.

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